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About Us

We are a company aiming on Photoelectric Technology, with combination of electronic technics, optical technology, information technology and green energy technology. On the basis of IP development, Algorithms and software R&D, Characteristics research of photovoltaic components, the element devices and relative software systems integration, Cloud services, and Green energy technology, we offer technical innovations and developing smart characteristics measurement and analysis system under industry 4.0, Customized software/Hardware design, and Technics consultation.
      The core value of LiveStrong is "Live Healthy & Sustainable resource", we commit ourselves to serving and sharing in order to create a great platform between optoelectronics industry and green energy technology! We have invested numerous R & D resources, and based on mutual trust and benefits to each of our clients, we pursuit to build up a win-win relationship, continuous innovation, and the best solution!

Technical Consultant

Sample Test & Analysis

  ● Photovoltaic characteristic measurement, Uniformity Detection, Defect Detection

  ● Components characteristic analysis, Material characteristic analysis, Photovoltaic characteristic simulation

Software/Hardware System Integration

  ●  Real-Time Monitor and Build-in Algorithms

  ● Industry 4.0 auto multi-function system

Photovoltaic Measurement and Development

  ● Algorithms Analysis system Development

  ● Collaboration between Industry and School


QE Measurement and Analysis System EL Image Inspection & Analysis System PL Image Inspection & Analysis System PL/EL Luminescence Spectrum Measurement System Portable Spectrometer

Light-Induced Degradation (LID) System Potential Induced Degradation (PID) Testing System Laser Beam Induced Current/Voltage(LBIC/LBIV) Measurement System Current-Voltage (IV) Measurement and Analysis System Components & Accessories